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Africa's Economy Is Fundamentally And Systematically Set Up To Grow At A Snail Pace

The banks those that are located mostly in Southern Africa only use the SWIFT system, while the banks mostly located in West and Northen Africa only use the IBAN system.

But what's the IBAN, and what is the SWIFT system?

The IBAN system (International Bank Account Number) is a standard international numbering system developed to identify overseas bank accounts.

The SWIFT system (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) powers most international money and security transfers. SWIFT is a vast messaging network used by financial institutions to quickly, accurately, and securely send and receive information, such as money transfer instructions.

Because the banks mostly in Southern Africa only use the SWIFT system, while the banks mostly in West and Northen Africa only use the IBAN system, it makes it nearly impossible for people and businesses in these regions to transfer money to each other via banks to banks, and hence making it nearly impossible to inter-trade (unable to make cross-border payments) among each other via banks to banks.

When it is nearly impossible for the people and businesses to transfer and make payments to each other, it undercuts and limits economic activities and economic growth and improves the well-being of the people in the regions.

Similarly, banks in the U.S. also do not use the IBAN system, but only the SWIFT system, however banks in Europe use both the IBAN and the SWIFT system, hence enabling people and businesses in Europe and the U.S., as well as Asia to easily and comfortably trade among themselves.

People in West and North Africa can easily make bank to bank transfers with Europe, using the IBAN system, and people in Southern Africa and Europe as well as Asia and the Americas can also easily make banks to banks transfers using the SWIFT code, but not the people and businesses located in West and Northen Africa with those located in Southern Africa.

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