Abbain Accreditation

Why Getting Abbain Accredited?

Africa is a cultural diverse continent of 1.2 billion consumers with an annual buying power of more than USD $2.1 trillion, and more businesses are vying for customers all over Africa. There are over 700 million small businesses in Africa, more than anywhere else in the world. Some are registered with their local authorities but most of them are informal businesses, operating from the streets and their homes.

In a crowded marketplace, how do you make your business stand out from the rest? How do you legitimize your business so that potential customers can trust to buy from you or do business with you?

The Abbain Accreditation is leveraging data compiled from different customers to create Africa's largest business intelligence system, Abbain, to give African consumers confidence that they are dealing with ethical and credible businesses all over Africa.

Abbain Accreditation Benefits

Once your Abbain Accreditation has been approved and certified, you will receive the following:

a) An Abbain Accreditation Certificate for displaying in your store or on your business premises.

b) An Abbain Accreditation Plague for displaying in your office or on your business premises.

c) An Abbain Accreditation Checkmark displayed on your Business Profile in the Abbain Accreditation Database, which shows up when customers search to verify your Abbain Accreditation in the Abbain Database.

Strategic Advantages

An Abbain Accreditation Seal and Checkmark displayed on your Business Profile in the Abbain Accreditation Online Database and by displaying the Abbain Accreditation Certificate on your business's premises may make more customers to trust your business and thus translating in more revenue to rapidly grow your business.

Displaying your Abbain Accreditation Certificate in your store or office will offer your business as having a higher level of trustworthiness.

Being an Abbain Accredited can potentially benefit your business by helping to build trust and confidence with potential customers.

Getting Started

Become an Abbain Accredited and show customers all over Africa that your business operates honestly, transparently and with integrity.