Protecting your data is our top priority

Abbain MarketsĀ (Pty) Ltd ("Company" or "We" or "Us" or "Abbain") follows cutting-edge security and privacy best practices designed to provide a secure, reliable, and compliant trustworthy marketplace for businesses of all sizes and consumers from all over Africa.

We take protecting your data seriously. Our robust infrastructure provides streamlined authentication and asset protection you can trust.

Data encryption

To help protect from attacks, eavesdropping, and session hijacking, we encrypt all data in transit using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and enforce HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Custom session timeouts

Secure sessions with custom session timeouts.

Malware & spam protection

We use machine learning to protect users against malicious behavior. Messages and attachments are scanned for viruses and other malware prior to you downloading them

Confidentiality and IP rights

Enter into an agreement concerning confidentiality and intellectual property rights that works for you and your talent, or use our Optional Service Contract Terms, or tweak them to your needs, so the rights transfer at the time of payment